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To Join our team email Ryan Hall at If you do not include a full resume you will not be considered.

Sponsorship Coordinator:

Ryan Hall
Hometown: Orangevale. CA
Date of Birth: May 18, 1992
Favorite Fishery: California Delta
Favorite Techniques: Punching matted vegitation & throwing big swimbaits.
Largest Bass: 11.97lbs caught on a 7" swimbait.
Favorite Fish to catch(other than bass): Redfish
Ryan grew up in suburbs just outside of Sacramento, Ca. He is ideally located within 2 hours of the California Delta, Clear Lake, Lake Berryessa & Bullards Bar Reservoir(the holy grail of spotted bass fisheries). He was first introduced to fishing as a young child by his father who also enjoyed fishing the California Delta. Ryan had always loved to fish but his passion for bass fishing began to blossom in college. Early in Ryan's college baseball career he suffered what would eventually be a career ending knee injury. In order to pass the time left from not being able to play baseball Ryan would go to the local farm ponds and fish until nightfall. Currently Ryan fishes the California Bass Federation(TBF) and other miscellanious tournaments on his local lakes. Ryan feels most comfortable in shallow grass fisheries, but is not unfamiliar with California's deep clear reservoirs. When Ryan is not in pursuit of the "living the dream" package he is most likely coaching youth baseball for a local baseball academy, or hanging out with his family and friends.






 Chris Perez

I was born in Northern California and started bass fishing when I was almost three years old, and fished my first tournament when I was 6 years old at Lake Oroville with my dad. I lived in California until I was 13. Then I moved to the Gulf coast in Texas where I spent the next four years doing quite a bit of inshore fishing and learning how to catch Red fish, Speckled Sea Tout and Flounder. Once I moved back out to California in 2010 I landed in Orange County where for the first year I did very little fishing, until I bought a little 18ft Aluminum Fisher and started learning how to throw a swimbait. Once I was able to see how these fish were reacting to these massive baits I was beyond hooked, again. My favorite ways to catch bass would be punching the heavy vegetation or throwing a frog. Then in 2014 I moved back up to Northern California and started tearing apart The Delta, Clear Lake, and Lake Berryessa. 
In 2016 I fished the Best Bass Tournaments as my first full tournament circuit. I had a phenomenal first go around in the tournament end of bass fishing. That year I had 3 top 10 finishes. The best finish was at Clear Lake in August taking 7th place. In 2017 I am fishing the Wild West Team Trail and the Best Bass Tournaments (Delta/Wine Division). I am looking forward to what ever the future holds.